Cell Stress Society International

Fellows and Senior Fellows

Fellows and Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows

Patrick Arrigo

Ivor Benjamin

Greg Blatch

Wilbert Boelens

Cristina Bonorino

Ian Brown (dec. 2020)

Stuart K. Calderwood

Francesco Cappello

Serena Carra

Daniel Ramon Ciocca

Melody Clark

James Clegg

Peter Csermely

William Currie

Adrienne Edkins

Antonio De Maio

Heather Durham

Heath Ecroyd

Michael Evgen’ev

Michael Freeman

Charles Giardina

Irina Guzhova

Linda Hendershot

Lawrence E. Hightower

Philip Hooper

Jill Johnson

Harm Kampinga

Subhash Lakhotia

Barbara Lipinska

Michael Lynes

Marius Locke

Boris Margulis

Ryan D. Martinus

Matthias Mayer

Mehdi Mollapour

Valérie Mezger

Richard D. Mosser

Gabriele Multhoff

Kazuhiro Nagata

Leonard Neckers

George Perdrizet

Graham Pockley

Lingjia Qian

Elizabeth Repasky

Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada (dec. 2021)

M. Gabriella Santoro

Wolfgang Schumann

Michael Sherman

Lea Sistonen

John Subjeck

Robert M. Tanguay

Cassandra Tierney

Toshihiko Torigoe

Willem van Eden

Steven Witkin

Stephan Witt


Robert Binder

Dimitra Bourboulia

Jeff Brodsky

Johannes Buchner

Serena Carra

Lingling Chen

Mario Galigniana

Carmen Garrido

Jason Gestwicki

Pierre Goloubinoff

Michael Graner

Rolf Issels

Iara Linhares

Meran Lloyd-Owen (Corporate Fellow)

Ariel Louwrier (Corporate Fellow)

Kevin Morano

Richard Morimoto

Ariel Shabtay

Dennis Thiele

Jane Trepel

Manuela Truebano

Andrew Truman

Patricija van Oosten-Hawle

Elizabeth Waters

Mark Woodford

Fellows distinguish themselves in a variety of ways including path-breaking contributions to the cell stress responses and molecular chaperones field. In addition, Fellows further contribute to the development of our field through service as senior editors and reviewing editors of Cell Stress & Chaperones, as contributors of papers to our journal, as officers and councilors on the Executive Council, and as organizers of CSSI congress, symposia and workshops. There is no single path to becoming a Fellow since many different combinations of service are possible. The designation Senior Fellow further recognizes exceptional service to the field and CSSI by serving as officers and councilors, organizers of Congresses and contributors to Cell Stress & Chaperones journal as authors, reviewers and editors.  Both Senior Fellows and Fellows are authorized to use the abbreviation FCSSI in their professional signature blocks.

The Senior Fellows nominate all Fellows for consideration by the Executive Council.

CSSI members, whether they are Fellows or not, may put forward names for the Senior Fellows to consider for nomination as either Fellows or Senior Fellows. The General Secretary (Helen Neumann) of the CSSI will assist in this process including receiving the names of members put forward for consideration.

Please contact us for information about submitting an award nomination.