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Alfred Tissières Young Investigator Award

Alfred Tissières Young Investigator Award

 | Anton Vila-Sanjurjo
Anton Vila-Sanjurjo
Contribution: First high-resolution structures of the E.coli ribosome
 | Ellen Nollen
Ellen Nollen
Contribution: Hsp70 co-chaperone biology
 | Wanping Xu
Wanping Xu
Contribution: Hsp90-Geldanamycin sensitivity
 | Mathias Gehrmann
Mathias Gehrmann
Contribution: Hsp70’s role in exosomes and activation of Natural Killer Cells
 | Justin Benesch
Justin Benesch
Contribution: Stress Biology of small Heat Shock Proteins
 | Ayesha Murshid
Ayesha Murshid
Contribution: Heat Shock Proteins and antigen cross-presentation
 | Ritwick Sawarkar
Ritwick Sawarkar
Contribution: Epigenetic Regulators in Cellular Stress Responses
 | Maxim Shevtsov
Maxim Shevtsov
Contribution: Hsp70 in cancer
 | Ruth Scherz-Shouval
Ruth Scherz-Shouval
Contribution: Stress Responses in the Tumor Microenvironment
 | Sara Sannino
Sara Sannino
Contribution: The integrated stress response network in cancer cell resistance

The Executive Council of the Cell Stress Society International has established The Alfred Tissières Young Investigator Award. The award is named in honor and remembrance of Professor Alfred Tissières, a pioneering investigator in the heat shock and cellular stress response field. Alfred Tissières was known broadly for his support and encouragement of young scientists. Thus it is fitting that this award is for a post-doctoral fellow or assistant professor less than 10 years beyond the attainment of his or her doctoral degree.

Please contact us for information about submitting an award nomination.


Vintage edition of Road to Rakaposhi

George Band

Alfred’s Rakaposhi climb may symbolize Alfred leading us into heat shock protein research. A Latin phrase serves both:

       Ad astra per aspera
(To the stars through struggle)

The award includes a travel/zoom award and a vintage edition of George Band’s book about the climb containing a front plate recognizing the awardee.



Alfred Tissieres Young Investigator Award Certificate