Cell Stress Society International

2023 Chaperone Code and CSSI Symposia Highlights

2023 Symposia Highlights

Cell Stress Society International Award Winners

Medallion of CSSI

Stuart Calderwood, PhD, Harvard Medical School

Stuart Calderwood, Larry Hightower, Lea Sistonen 

Lifetime Achievements Award in recognition of scientific
research contributions in the cellular stress response field

Ferruccio Ritossa Early Career Award

Reut Shalgi, PhD, Technion, Israel

Alfred Tissieres Young Investigator Award

Sara Sannino, PhD, Pfizer

Reut Shalgi

In recognition of:
Probing the Chaperone Network Complexity

Sara Sinnino

In recognition of:
The integrated stress response network in cancer cell resistance to Hsp70-mediated proteotoxic stress

Best Flash Talk Presentations

Flash talk winners pictured Lea Sistonen and Larry Hightower

From Left to right:

3rd prize: Gianna Mochi, Upstate Medical University, USA
Dynamic TRAP1 Succinylation Regulates TCS Cycle Activity

2nd prize: So-Yeon Kim, UNIST, Korea
Function of the mitochondrial chaperone TRAP1 in ischemic retinopathy

1st prize: Leon Tang Jia Wei, National University of Singapore
How bats survive stress: A tale of reduced damage and an atypical heat shock response

2023 New Fellows of Cell Stress Society International

Mark Woodford, PhD
SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA

Larry Hightower, Mark Woodford, Lea Sistonen

Dimitra Bourboulia, PhD
SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA

Larry Hightower, Dimitra Bourboulia, Lea Sistonen

Johannes Buchner, PhD,
TU Munich, Germany

Dimitra Bourboulia, Mehdi Mollapour, Larry Hightower, Helen Neumann, Johannes Buchner, Lea Sistonen, Mark Woodford

2023 Senior Fellows of Cell Stress Society International

Adrienne Edkins, PhD
Rhodes University, South Africa

Larry Hightower, Adrienne Edkins, Lea Sistonen

Mehdi Mollapour, PhD
SUNY Upstate Medical University, USA

Larry HIghtower, Mehdi Mollapour, Lea Sistonen

Jill Johnson, PhD
University of Idaho, USA

Larry Hightower, Jill Johnson, Lea Sistonen

Matthias Mayer, PhD
ZMBH Heidelberg, Germany

Larry Hightower, Matthias Mayer, Lea Sistonen

Heath Ecroyd, PhD
University of Wollongong, Australia

Larry Hightower, Heath Ecroyd, Lea Sistonen


Cell Stress and Chaperones Journal News

Dimitra Bourboulia

New Editor-in Chief

Dimitra Bourboulia (SUNY Upstate Medical University) will be Editor in Chief of Cell Stress and Chaperones starting Jan 1, 2024

Danielle Descoteaux, Executive Publisher Elsevier

New Publisher

Elsevier will be taking over from SpringerNature as Publisher of Cell Stress and Chaperones in 2024.

With Elsevier, the journal will be fully gold open access. CSSi members receive a 20% discount on the open access fee.